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Scott W. McKinney
Los Angeles, California

(213) 819-3776

Los Angeles Based, the Message Continues World-Wide

Speaking the Gospel and ministering Healing has been the Mission from the start, covering every Continent in over 70 Nations. From the jungles of New Guinea, to stages across Europe, from crusade platforms of Third World countries, to major cities of the Nation’s, Christ the Healer has been presented.

The “call” that never leaves was always there, however through a series of events, I took my crusader energy further, and my participation in three wars was the end result. After Kosovo; South Sudan, Africa became my crucible for Christian defense opposing Islamic atrocities as the only “white” officer in the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army). The result of the this long struggle was the creation of the world’s newest country, South Sudan.

Still “on the loose,” I took an undercover position in Colombia, South America which resulted in a human trafficking operation being shut down. This necessitated my departure from that country, or I wouldn’t be here to write this story today. Through these times, many dangers, injuries, and discomfort for the “cause” were experienced.

Through these times, my close friendship with Jesus suffered greatly. How could it not? I had used all I had and missed Him. Thus I was led to spend months on a mountain seeking Him and coming down that mountain only to attend a Bible church each week. My well-noted Bible was again my friend and not my accuser.

Forgiveness and the promises of God on which my life had been built again enabled me to truly Live Again.

Feeling like I had been Born Again “again”, the Presence of the Lord became my strength as in the start. After this journey, I was inspired to speak and minister in downtown Los Angeles where I began. As a result, we are holding regular Healing Meetings in Los Angeles and beyond. The message remains the Same!

God lives in you. The Mystery of Christ in you, the hope of glory! All Healing takes place in His Presence!